Bananas in Danger


Diseased Bananas

There is one main type of banana in the world, the Cavendish banana. Over the past ten years, a fungus known fusarium wilt has destroyed nearly all the Cavendish bananas in Australia and Southeast Asia. In the past couple years, the fungus has began to wipe out bananas all over Africa and the Middle East. According to the scientists performing this research, the next country that will fall victim to this fungus will be where all of the United States' bananas come from, South America.

Scientists are doing what they can to isolate a healthy field of Cavendish bananas in order to prevent them from virtually going extinct. Nothing can kill this fungus, it always returns. This is true of nearly all molds and fungi. You can kill them momentarily, but they usually return stronger than before. The future to preventing fungi and mold that can kill crops and even people, is mold and fungal prevention.

Many people and companies have tried to figure out how to kill this disease... a combined $12.4 billion is estimated to be spent on efforts to kill this fungus. The world must learn from this mistake. We need to figure out how to prevent this before it begins and spreads. Now, the world is in danger of losing one of the most popular fruits. We need to band together and the great minds of the world need to figure out how to solve this problem and/or prevent it from occurring again.