Dangers of Mold in the Air


Toxic Mold under Microscope (per

As we all know, this past week has been one of the craziest weather weeks of all time. We all have Texas, the victims and the families of the victims of Hurricane Harvey in our thoughts. With Hurricane Harvey, has come an unprecedented amount of moisture in the air, breeding a perfect environment for fungi and mold. There have already been many victims of Hurricane Harvey but there will be many more victims of the resulting mold.

Although the World Health Organization has declared that living with mold can lead to serious breathing issues, many people and states have ignored the warning. Mold needs to be taken more seriously. There is a way to prevent mold and subsequently, prevent potential breathing issues. The worst part about mold is that once it finds an environment to make itself at home, it is nearly impossible to permanently get rid of it.

There has been history of mold plaguing areas where super storms or hurricanes occur (reference: This problem needs to be addressed immediately to prevent years of poor health due to high rates of mold in low-income neighborhoods. In order to help bring attention to this issue and help save lives, share this blog post.