Mold Attacks Animal Shelter



Cappy- An affected animal from the shelter

Nobody is safe from mold. In Rhode Island this week, an animal shelter, Woonsocket Animal Shelter, had to evacuate all the animals due to high mold content. An independent mold remediation company came in and tested the air quality and concluded the air was unsafe to breathe. These animals could have been breathing in harmful mold for several weeks without anybody's knowledge. Preventative measures must be put in place in order to make sure all buildings are mold free.

The animals had to be moved until the building is safe to live in again. This mold problem could take months to fix and cost several thousand dollars. The majority of mold remediation jobs end up being unsuccessful anyway. Over seventy percent of the time mold returns with more mold than before. Make sure when it is time for mold remediation to call the correct company.

The police of the county say that the shelter will still function fully, just from a temporary location. Nobody deserves to breathe mold-contaminated mold. Share this story and help spread awareness to promote mold prevention. Good preventative practices can save lives and not enough people know that, so help us make it known. Practice smart mold handling!