Mold Hits the Church


Infested Detroit Church

Mold holds no prejudice, it will attack anywhere it can live. Here is a good example: in Detroit, a church that had gone unused for years now was going to be reopened until, mold was discovered inside. This old church was rotting in mold and they had to get rid of it.

This building sat for years, not cared for, and eventually had to be taken down due to mold. There must be rules in place to continually check air quality in buildings. Every several months, each building should be required to get its air quality checked.

Mold will attack anywhere, but if it is sniffed out before the issue gets out of hand, then there is no issue. Make sure that everywhere you spend time has clean air. Your work, home, child's school, house of prayer etc. Every building should be checked for mold, we would live in a healthier environment.