Mold in Classroom


Mold on Classroom Door

In Fairfax County in Washington, D.C., a school has failed to tell the students and the students' parents that the school has mold. While this should seem inhumane, this is relatively common. In most states, the laws regarding mold are very ambiguous and often times leave the guilty innocent.

The school told parents that there was a mold issue that was all cleaned up. The truth of the matter is that after one day of attempted mold remediation, the school thought the mold was gone, while it was still thriving. The mold puts young students and faculty at danger. This is not how mold remediation should be handled. Mold needs to be taken more seriously and students and faculty should not return to a mold-ridden school until there is conclusive evidence that the mold is gone.

If you see mold in your workplace, home, school or anywhere else, you need to contact the people responsible for the building immediately. Mold is something that needs immediate attention in order to save lives or at the very least prevent sicknesses. Fight mold and make sure to be very cautious of the quiet killer.