Mold in Schools


High School Attempting to Keep Items out of Mold's Reach

Mold can strike anywhere, but a common victim seems to be schools. Over the summer, more than five high schools have faced a serious mold problem and there are more to come as the school year approaches. All of these mold infested high schools have scrambled to take care of the mold before school gets going.

The picture above shows Willowridge High School in Houston attempting to bag what they can to prevent the mold from spreading. This method is only so effective since mold can seep through nearly any pour or opening. This Willowridge now faces big problems trying to eradicate their mold problem before school starts.

The community has been doing everything they can in order to help, but only so much can be done after mold strikes. The most effective method is preventing the mold before it makes itself a home.


Football Team no match for Mold

Above is a picture of another high school faced with mold issues. Great Bridge High School in Virginia has big problems with their football stadium. Cracks and leaks have become more and more abundant and eventually the moisture has caused mold.

The school wants to fix this mold conundrum and build a new stadium. They expect this cost to total more than $9.6 million dollars. Unfortunately, the danger accompanied by mold contamination is well worth the cost.

These two schools are just examples for a mold problem that is common nationwide. Schools are typical pretty clean places and mold likes to live in clean environments filled with moisture. The best way to avoid these big problems is by preventing mold before it becomes a resident of a building. Share this knowledge and help make schools better and safer for the future.