Mold Persists at Federal Building


Working and Trying to Stay Alive

Recently, in a small town in Atlanta, mold has completely overtaken dominated the Thomas G. Abernathy federal

building. In the early 1990s, the courthouse performed mold clean-up but unfortunately, by the wrong people. The

mold has continued to be a problem for over twenty-five years now. U.S. District Court Chief, Judge Sharion Aycock is

outraged by the lack of action taken by the building's overseer. The building's overseer is a company known as General

Services Administration, and the commissioner was sent to Aberdeen to handle the situation.

The commissioner claims that they do not have nearly enough money to get the repairs done and he is waiting on

approval from the government for federal funding. Aycock make the point that no amount of money is worth risking

these hard working people's lives. The building is riddled with mold and many employees who work in the building daily

are starting to get sick. Something needs to be done! Unfortunately, this lackadaisical attitude is a common approach to

mold for some reason. Mold is extremely dangerous and can end and/or ruin lives. People need to start taking mold

more seriously, especially landlords.

The reason this is such a huge problem today is because of the messed up remediation job done in the early 1990s.

If the correct people are not cleaning up your mold and preventing it, then, more often than not, it will come back.

Global Prevention Services has the best mold prevention and remediation solution. When we clean up mold, it will never

come back. Next time you come across a mold problem, make sure that the best company possible handles the

contamination because otherwise, it could be a problem again twenty-five years down the road.