Mold Potential Killer.


Mold found in this family's home

At the end of June, a seven week-old baby was found dead inside his family's home in Milwaukee. Above is a picture of some of the pipes from the home. The family had a serious mold issue that they were told could be the killer of their child.

One investigator, Daniel Storm, classified the mold as penicillium aspergillus mold. Storm says of the mold, "Not the black mold, but it's a white fuzzy mold and it's a killer." Most people do not know of all the different species of mold or even the level of danger accompanied by the type of mold. In fact, the father said, "It's crazy that my son had to suffer through that and we didn't even know what it was". No family should have to go through what this family is currently going through and a general knowledge of mold could help prevent such a tragedy.

In most cases like this, the landlord takes little to zero responsibility for the conditions of the home. Legally this is appropriate because the laws surrounding mold are rather ambiguous. This case is no different. Mold is yet to be determined as the definite killer, but a lot of signs appear to be pointing in that direction.