Mold Remediation Month!


September is Mold Remediation Month and it has been a very busy month for mold. This month there have been several Hurricanes and Storms across the Americas. These devastating natural disasters have left an unimaginable amount of people homeless. Amazingly enough, the storms have left just as many people with homes completely covered in mold.

This is a good time to remind you how get rid of mold and how to prevent mold altogether. The key to removing mold is having the right mold remediation company to call. Mold remediation is tricky because the vast majority of mold ends up growing back after the first attempt at remediation. GPS has a patented solution used in order to prevent mold from ever growing back once it has been removed.

If you do not or have not had a mold problem yet, we need to keep it that way. The key to preventing mold growth is preventing moisture. Allowing moisture to sit breeds a perfect environment for mold. Make sure to clean and dry all areas of your home but especially areas with water present (i.e. kitchen, bathroom). Although at home alternatives are effective, Global Prevention Services' patented Mold Prevention Solution will prevent mold better than any at home alternative.

Use September to help us spread awareness about the dangers of mold and how to keep mold from infesting your home. Remember to keep everything dry and to call the experts if mold appears to be growing in your home or at your work.