Mold Spreads


Mold on Arm Chair

For years, tenants of Portsmouth Public Housing have been fighting mold infestation in their homes in Portsmouth, Virginia. Over the past four years there have been eight reported cases of mold damage in these homes. The tenants are fed up with it and want it fixed immediately.

Most states do not have laws dictating how to handle mold contamination. Virginia is no different. The tenants have tried to get the city's housing authority to get rid of the mold. These tenants are mostly living in poverty and do not have the means to clean up the dangerous air they are breathing.

The mold problem in this city is becoming a huge issue. Many tenants say that they believe the mold is hurting their families and they have had to get rid of furniture due to mold. The federal government is becoming involved. A spokeswoman from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development said that the federal agency is looking into the matter.

Tragic stories and events like this happen every day all over our country. Most stories never make the news but more and more mold horror stories are making the news daily. Help spread the word and help the world achieve cleaner air.