Mold Threatens Oklahoma Police Department


Mold Contamination inside Lawton Police Department

As should be standard with every building, the Lawton Police Department, in Lawton, Oklahoma, tested their air quality this week. The results were unfortunate. The Natural Environmental Specialists determined that much of the building is contaminated with mold. According to the report mold damage was found in the analysis room, garage area, Crime Stoppers Office, women's locker room, Arms and a storage room. Several ceiling tiles had water damage in the hallway and various rooms in the basement.

Last night, August 3rd, the department held a press conference with the Natural Environmental Specialists to determine a plan of attack when it comes to fixing the mold problem. A plethora of employees asked how the mold would affect their health. The lack of mold knowledge is concerning considering mold is everywhere, but the mold experts explained that this problem is fixable.

The report claims that the mold came from heavy rain and sewage issues. Mold can live anywhere moisture is present and mold found a home in this police department. No price for remediation has been released but this mold problem has clearly been inconvenient for all employees at the department. This example should be learned from and mold prevention needs to become commonplace in order to keep everybody safe from mold contamination.