Outdated Mold Remediation Technologies Often Mean High Price Tags


Water damage and elevated moisture levels can cause mold to quickly grow in almost any building. Buildings ranging from homes, schools, office buildings to hospitals and military bases have all been affected by mold growth and the unhealthy conditions that follow. A building owner or property manager faced with mold growth will need to have the property remediated and returned back to fit conditions for the both the health of the occupants and to maintain the financial equity in the property.

So if mold is found and needs to be remediated what is a building owner to do? There are many options available offered by specialized companies across the country. The remediation techniques used by these companies are diverse and range from simple demolition, removing and cleaning contaminated building materials, treating the structure with potentially dangerous levels of chlorine dioxide, heat treating the building, and in recent years utilizing special cleaning, mold neutralizing and mold prevention chemical and physical treatments.

The choices facing someone in need of these services can be confusing and the corresponding price tags can be all over the board. For example, a hospital in Oxnard, California recently chose to do a major mold remediation project at their facility utilizing chlorine dioxide gas that will cost the hospital approximately $150 million dollars. Other mold experts have recommended using a heat process to destroy the mold that would only cost $15 million. A huge savings, but still millions over what newer and less disruptive technologies can offer.

Innovative methods and products that alleviate mold-related health and financial risks are commercially available that provide a superior service, prevent future mold growth and offer a true performance warranty at a fraction of the cost of other mold remediation methods. All of this is available with the least disruption to occupants, no hazardous chemicals being used and a minimal timeframe to complete the process. One such company who has been on the forefront of utilizing these modern technologies is Global Prevention Services®.

Global Prevention Services® provides a scientifically designed multi-step process that treats, cleans and prevents future growth on all of the appropriate building materials utilizing safe products that do not present a risk to occupants. The treatments are applied by highly trained specialists who understand the importance of treating the entire affected area. The entire process can be accomplished in a matter of hours or days for a fraction of the cost of other remediation services and the company is the only one backed by an extensive warranty provided by an AM Best A+ rated insurance company.

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Why Spend $15 million When You Can Spend $150 Million?