Where does Mold Thrive


Outsmart Mold

Certain types of mold thrive indoors during the winter. An onslaught of mold can creep up on you if you are not careful.

Mold is dangerous for everybody that comes in contact with it. No matter how healthy a person is, toxic mold will

always conquer good health. Mold can cause a plethora of health problems that may seem somewhat random. For

example, mold has been proven to cause asthma, nausea, insomnia and much more. The problem is all too common

and not many people realize the magnitude of the problem. Mold could be in your life without you even knowing.

Mold is all too common in bathrooms. The moisture that naturally builds up in bathrooms can get trapped between

wallpaper and the walls. That little bit of moisture builds an ideal habitat for mold to thrive. Try checking under your

wallpaper or any other place that water is abundant (i.e. sink, shower etc.).

Mold can also occur in your vehicle of transportation. If a car goes through a car wash, moisture can get trapped under

mats in the car and can create a nice environment for mold. Mold can also occur in buses and subways. Make sure to

stay aware of symptoms that occur or heighten while in a vehicle.

Mold occurs most commonly at spots of leakage. Roof leaks, pipe leaks and any other sort of water damage is a main

cause of mold in homes. In order to prevent mold following a large leak, make sure to call us at GPS and we will

prevent mold from ever growing following the leak. If not us, at least call a professional to dehumidify the leak and

clear everything out of area in order to prevent the mold. When roof leaks occur, the only way to ensure that mold does

not grow and hurt your family is to call us, Global Prevention Services.

Mold has also become extremely commonplace at places of employment. The EPA offer guidelines to try and prevent

mold in homes and places of work, but few states have laws geared towards mold prevention. There are ZERO federal

laws that require landlords or contractors to ensure buildings do not face mold contamination. For this reason, many

buildings around the country may have mold without anybody knowing, and often times when people do know, it

still takes a long time to get fixed.

Lastly, mold has become in epidemic in schools across the country. This is a larger issue than many people realize

because these children do not have a fully developed immune system and are more susceptible to the cruxes of mold.

Parents have become more and more outraged over the past year, but it is still a huge problem. There need to be laws

put into place to ensure mold will not harm schools and if mold is present that it gets cleaned up immediately.

Mold can show up anywhere in your life, these places are just where they are most common. Make sure to trust your

instinct and if you suspect mold to play a role in deterioration of health in yourself or a loved one, make sure to call

mold remediation professionals right away. After all, it is always better safe than sorry.