What is PureSpace?

PureSpace Mold Prevention and Remediation

PureSpace is a propriety line of products specifically designed for the indoor air quality industry, and is exclusive to Global Prevention Services® nationwide offices. We offer safe and effective microbial solutions for homes, offices, government buildings, and any space where mold can grow. And that is everywhere!

What makes PureSpace different?

The PureSpace® process is a revolutionary system developed by Global Prevention Services to prevent and remediate mold in homes, multi-tenant structures and all other types of buildings.

The synergy created from this union of experienced talent, best practices and the innovative PureSpace® product line provides Global Prevention Services® clients with unparalled access to the best in microbial remediation and prevention services.

Fast, affordable, quality results backed by the industry's best written warranty.

  • Fast & Effective Project Completion & Results
  • Safe & Green Products
  • Fully Guaranteed & Affordable Services
  • Serves New & Existing Construction
  • Preferred Choice of Builders
  • Products Tested to ASTM Standards
  • Complete Remediation Services and Prevention Protocols

Can I order PureSpace?

PureSpace is a process, and PureSpace® products are only utilized by certified trained professionals. Therefore, the products are not sold directly to the public. If you have a current mold problem, or you want future mold prevention, please contact your nearest Global Prevention Services® office for a free estimate.