The PureSpace® Process

Getting Your Life Back in 7 Steps

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  1. Reviewing Project Site

  2. Your Global Prevention Services® (‘GPS’) Project Manager or Estimator will visit your project location or work from your construction drawings to fully understand your needs. While GPS has performed thousands of projects nationwide, we learn by listening and routinely meet our clients’ expectations by taking the time early in our client relationships and project work to ensure total success.

    Whether you are managing your own project or have created a team of experts: designers, architects and engineers, GPS is ready and prepared to support, manage or lead as our client desires.

  3. Securing and Containing Workspace

  4. Safety is often mentioned by contractors, but it is practiced conscientiously and routinely by GPS. For all projects in which damaged building materials are involved or where PureSpace® products will be utilized, GPS® staff will secure the project site(s) and safeguard our client’s assets and resources.

    To mitigate further damages and to best control work spaces, GPS will construct containments in which to work, separating contaminants, dust and other pollutants (noise, odor, etc.) from non-affected spaces.

  5. Vacuuming and Preparing Workspace

  6. A standard protocol for all GPS® projects is the cleaning and preparation of all work spaces. GPS utilizes the finest commercial HEPA vacuum equipment to prepare existing and new construction sites for its work product. An integral component of the PureSpace® Process is the extended effort of GPS® staff to properly prepare all project surfaces to accept our treatments or to protect them from exposure.

    The same is true for personal belongings, corporate assets, electronics and every other item that requires safekeeping during the remediation or construction activity.

  7. Remove Damaged and Uncleanable Materials

  8. GPS and PureSpace are nationally recognized for their ability to deliver industry leading final results for every project performed. These include situations where damaged building materials were required to be completely removed, partially removed or not disturbed at all. Each client situation demands a professional review followed by an inclusive scope of work to best define the steps necessary to properly return the project site to a clean state, not always its ‘original’ state.

    GPS® professionals will identify the best course of action for the work to be performed in an estimate that is designed to solve the issues at-hand without creating undo disruption and added cost.

  9. Applying PureSpace® Products

  10. There are four distinct products in the PureSpace® line of cleaners and shields, each has its distinct purpose as fully described on the “Products” tab on the Home Page.

    PureSpace is applied primarily by airless sprayers in controlled environments by trained applicators. It is also applied, in certain circumstances, with the use of fogging equipment and it can be hand-applied as well. GPS® applicators always select the appropriate PureSpace product(s) to best suit the needs of our clients and their specific projects.

  11. Rebuilding and/or Replacing Materials

  12. All GPS® offices nationwide provide reconstruction services directly from their own in-house staff or through quality relationships with reputable contractors.

    Remember, whether GPS, a third-party contractor or you handle the reconstruction of your project, always consider applying PureSpace to the new building materials for long-term protection against microbial growth.

  13. Returning Prestine Space to Client

  14. The mission of GPS is to SATISFY its clients, not just service them.

    GPS and PureSpace are always tested by third-party professionals of our clients’ selection, in this way all conflicts of interest are avoided and GPS and PureSpace are exposed positively to new industry professionals on a regular basis. The record of success for GPS and PureSpace is untarnished in thousands of successfully completed projects and the future remains bright for this quality combination as it services thousands of new clients each year.

    PureSpace – GPS takes the responsibility of returning our clients’ building, whether a home, a hotel, a school or a hospital, back to them in pristine condition, ready for its intended use.

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