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Little ode or 'tribute' to your company

So I've heard you got a mold problem, and don't know what to do.
Just call 310.998.8888 for Kenny and his crew.
They'll be out there in a jiffy and help you right away, and pretty soon your mold is gone, it won't be able to stay.
As soon as you see the mold, make the call, and don't you fear!
GPS is on the case, and will take care of it, y'a hear?
As far as mold companies go, there may be many, there may be few, but I'd only recommend Kenny and GPS to make the house as new.


From the first time they came by to do an estimate to the time the actual job was completed, they were GREAT! So professional but extremely friendly and comfortable to work with at the same time. And so patient while we were waiting for the insurance claim to go through. We would hire them again and again and again, and trust them with any recommendations or advice they have given us. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

My husband and I own a rental property in Portland; however, we moved to Kentucky in the last year and managing everything from afar has been a major challenge. So you can imagine the stress that could have been involved in dealing with a mold situation from 3000 miles away. We were so fortunate to come into contact with Matt and his team at GPS through one of our tenants; however, and that has made all of the difference.

The first company we contacted to help us with the mold situation gave us outrageous estimates, something that we were not prepared to tackle at the moment. Just when we were looking into selling, our tenant introduced us to Matt, a family friend of his. Matt was so prompt, and gave us a rate that was less than half of that of the previous company.

Mr. Don,

Just want to thank you and your entire company for what Ed and I experienced was perfection in what you do.

From the time we looked your company up on the web, to then speaking with Vanessa of your office staff, and finally meeting your project sales coordinator, all done with such exactness and care. The meeting at our home gave us not only your estimate but a comforting start to finish schedule as to what and how your staff would correct and prevent such moldy issues from coming back.

Finally 3 of the friendliest, cleanest, well trained people lead by Jon who removed the mold then sanitized the kitchen and bedroom to where it looked good as new! Certainly smelled better! Best yet was that you did not use harmful chemicals and your company is 'green'. The whole experience was amazing.

Thanks again for bring our home back to a happy place to live.

-Judy and Ed W, Boca Raton

While I hope I never have to hire a mold removal company again, I would hire GPS again in a heartbeat. It is rare to find a contractor that can offer me such a peace of mind.

Matt and the other professionals at GPS were on the job within a week and had two bathrooms completely mold-free and protected in under two days! The demo work, mold removal, cleanup, and protective barrier were put into place without a hitch. And Matt provided us with thorough communication, even sending us before-and-after photos so that we didn't feel oblivious to what was going on.

Certified Environmental Services, Inc. as an Environmental Consulting firm has been validating the work done by Mold remediation companies for several years by air sampling the indoor air in the immediate area of the remediation. The results in these cases have been fungal counts that are acceptable and in a significant number of cases additional remediation is required and additional testing. These companies have been the "Rip and Tear" type of remediation. This type of remediation is very costly and disruptive to the homeowner or buyer.

CES first contact with a site that was remediated by GPS where a minimum amount of "Rip and Tear" occurred was quite revealing. The post remediated air sample readings taken by CES were all very low readings of less than 300 total fungal spores in cubic meter of air. CES requested a copy of the MSDS for the material used by GPS. The review of the product revealed the active compound in the material was less than 1%. This small amount is not harmful to humans or pets but it appeared to work well on fungi.

The next project GPS remediated was a 2 million dollar home where two previous remediations had not been able to reduce the mold count below 20,000 units per M3. After GPS remediated the home CES collected samples and the results were less than 300 units per M3.

CES has sampled several GPS projects since and all have had very low fungal counts after remediation.

In addition to the low fungal counts the project is less invasive and the work is completed in a short period of time, reducing the homeowners disruption.

Thank you,

Derek E. Longstaff

Certified Environmental Services, Inc.

I have evaluated several homes and office buildings where Global Prevention Services, Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona, has applied their unique process for the elimination and control of both active and inactive mold spores.

Based on my objective and independent sampling and interpretation of their results, I now recommend their company as a means of remediation in my reports and recommendations. The reduction of total mold spore counts, and mycelial fragments after their applications are actually something I did not expect -- and in all the cases I have assessed for clients who chose this process (as opposed to total removal of household construction materials), the results have been extremely positive. The process is straightforward and the results clear and irrefutable based on air sampling according to IESO Standards.

With proper assessment and analysis beforehand, the treatment is easily measured as to it's effectiveness. To date, on approximately ten inspection, there is a 100% success in reducing to close to zero the active mold spores from levels that previous may have been in the thousands of spores per cubic meter.

I am very pleased to be able to recommend Global Prevention Services, Inc. as a very effective remediation source. It is a pleasure to deal with them as they are professional, honest, and provide a cost effective alternative to a potentially expensive mold removal process.

Very truly yours,

John R. Lynch, President IESO CRMI, Member AIHA

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the outstanding job your team did recently at my home in Paradise Valley. As hard as it was to hear that we had MOLD in our house, the news from the inspector was a minor blow compared to the remedial horrors recommended by your competitors.

We have a beautiful house that was built to our specifications just 7 short years ago. We still love it and are meticulous in keeping it clean and in full repair. A reverse osmosis system developed a leak under the bar sink, which we had repaired right away, but some slight water damage to the dry wall developed mold. The area is about 2 inches in height from the floor, and runs the 2 1/2 ft. perimeter of the cabinet under the sink. Because I hadn't dealt with this kind of problem before, I called 3 companies to come do an evaluation and provide quotes. What a shock!

The first company said they would have to rip out the whole bar, including about 20 sq. ft. of marble countertop plus all the cabinetry, which would be destroyed. They would also completely take out the half wall adjacent to the dining room and would hopefully not have to go up more that 6 feet of another wall perpendicular to the bar. This would all be done over a couple of weeks in a contained environment and it would be best if we moved our of our home. Estimate $10,700 not including any repair or replacement, and would need to be done by another contractor. The first company said they would have to rip out the whole bar, including about 20 sq. ft. of marble countertop plus all the cabinetry, which would be destroyed. They would also completely take out the half wall adjacent to the dining room and would hopefully not have to go up more that 6 feet of another wall perpendicular to the bar. This would all be done over a couple of weeks in a contained environment and it would be best if we moved our of our home. Estimate $10,700 not including any repair or replacement, and would need to be done by another contractor.

The second company said not to worry about a thing, they would just come in and treat the mold with bleach, sand off the infected area, patch and paint. It didn't appear to require any containment at all. Really? Then why did the inspector insist that it be professionally removed in his report? Quote $2800.

Global Prevention Services (Rob Schneiderman) came and I finally felt like I was being told the truth. He said the area needs to be treated (never with bleach), portions of the cabinet wall removed and replaced, all under containment, but with very little inconvenience to the family. It took two days, was completely removed and repaired without damaging countertops and major walls and appliances, and the next morning the inspection proved 100% clean. The fact that it cost less than either of the other quotes was not a deciding factor at all, I really felt that I finally met a team that knew what they were doing, and would stand behind their promises.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you and say thanks to the wonderful guys who came and did the work. They were top-notch professionals, very quick and accurate with their work (and they helped the babysitter jump start her car too!).

I would be happy to recommend your firm to anyone in need of your services. Please feel free to use me as a reference when a potential client would like to talk to someone about your work. MOLD is a very serious business, and requires competent care from a great company like yours.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks for the excellent customer service I received from your company. After hearing an advertisement on the radio, I recently hired your company to help me resolve a mold/water damage issue incurred at my home. I was unsure of the service that I would receive since I had not worked with your company in the past. I can truly say, now, that I am very glad we overheard the ad on the radio and am also very happy with my decision to hire Global Prevention Services to perform the work.

Throughout my experience with Global, I dealt with several staff members. Each one was friendly and offered me more assistance and service than what I had expected.

When dealing with a necessary home repair of this nature it can become overwhelming and at times frustrating trying to obtain complete resolution. I appreciate everything that Global did for me to make this a less difficult accomplishment in a timely manner.

I will definitely recommend your expertise to all my friends and family should they ever have a similar need.

Thank you again.

It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to recommend the services of Global Prevention Services, Inc.

After a major mold outbreak was discovered in my residence, it was determined that remediation was necessary. My health had diminished terribly from the deadly mold in my home and being hospitalized (for a mold related illness) the removal of my personal possessions and "rip and tear" remediation began. During the course of the remediation, testing was performed inside my home and the readings were unsatisfactory. Removal of more building materials continued. Finally, when everything was completed, another test was conducted inside my home and the levels of mold spores were still unsatisfactory.

I learned about Global Prevention Services through a mutual friend who had heard of their methodology and success in the elimination and prevention of the reoccurrence of mold.

What an experience! They were professional, did what they said they were going to do, left my residence cleaner than when they arrived, handled my possessions with care and respect, and, most importantly, the following day my home was tested and it was finally "clean" and after being out for two years I was able to move back in.

Their entire process was approximately 5% of the total cost of the standard rip and tear remediation. It was the best money spent. I am back in my home. My health has been restored. I can not thank them enough.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.

This is just a note of appreciation for the fine service your company provided to our office last month. As you know, we had the one room in the back of the building that had leaked several times through the last rainy season and we were struggling with "strange smells" for some time. Your prompt and efficient service remediated the situation almost immediately, and we would like you to know that we appreciate the relief that was provided. We will highly recommend your services to all in the community.

We want to express our gratitude to you and your company for excellent work. Your team was well informed as to our issues and expedited the necessary work. We so appreciated the close contact you kept with us and the way you stuck with us until the job was completed to our Satisfaction. We had upmost confidence in your and your crew and you fulfilled every expectation. If the need arises, we certainly will forward your name to anyone needing your services.

Out of all the different companies and service providers that I have used during my lifetime, this company surpasses them all. They have been very honest, hardworking, compassionate, and timely. I would highly recommend this company to consumers and businesses alike. You won't find a company that provides better service than this one.

-Asset Mngr. Developers Diversified Realty