this is our story

With our years of expertise and over 4500 never failed projects including schools, government buildings, homes, apartment complexes, and commercial buildings, we are the general contractors to use for your mold, water, and asbestos issues in the Phoenix and surrounding area.

We have an innovative and successful way to deal with mold and other microbial issues. Our process really works and has been proven by our varied clients in all types of situations to include: schools, hospitals, homes, public facilities, office buildings, hotels and so much more. It’s really quite simple, we have a way to clean and protect spaces without the normal demolition, disruption and cost. Plus, the end results are truly elegant: we provide our clients with benefits they are unable to receive from any of our competitors: we’re extremely fast and the least disruptive option, have the most affordable method, provide end results that are 3rd-party validated and long-lasting, and offer the only insurance backed warranty in the industry. We gladly serve all of Phoenix and the surrounding communities in the valley, we also travel to services areas such as Tucson so don't hesitate to reach out to us.


It's quite simple for us, our mission is not about dominance or profit or share value, it's about client satisfaction. Take care of 100% of our customers, not just service them, but absolutely satisfy them, and all the other components of our business will be just fine.

Company Overview

GPS provides a breakthrough preventative approach to the persistent problem of mold in all types of buildings to include: residential, commercial, industrial, universities and schools, healthcare, government, military facilities, mobile homes, hotels, et al. The leading-edge products we utilize, and custom application methods we use, allow us to provide our clients a viable, affordable and proven mold prevention solution for the first time in history.The company and its staff are completely committed to our mission to provide satisfaction as the end product to our clients. We are especially proud of our Customer Satisfaction Department, where every effort is made to create long-lasting and valued relationships.GPS provides unprecedented final results (validated by 3rd-party testing of the client’s choice) in a process that is also the least disruptive option. The service is inherently the fastest path to a complete solution and due to its reduced labor component is far less expensive than conventional and flawed alternatives.


GPS is the exclusive provider of the PureSpace® process utilizing PureSpace® products. This custom product line was developed to eliminate existing mold infestations without significant destruction of the building materials in most situations. Our custom application methods allow us to provide our clients a viable, affordable and proven mold prevention solution for the first time in history.