Below Are Some Of The Common Questions That We Receive About Our Services. Click Any Of The Questions To Expand/Contract The Answers.

FAQ #1 - How are the products applied?

The proprietary products we use are applied in a number of ways. Most common is the use of an airless sprayer to treat the interior space. We also incorporate the use of foggers to reach hidden and expansive interior space. Finally, where appropriate, we hand apply the products to assure a perfect and safe application. In addition, we incorporate a carpet extraction machine for use on carpeted surfaces when applicable.

FAQ #2 - How many different products do you use in your application?

We use many specialized products depending on the specific project needs. After properly preparing the project workspace, we will remove all visible mold from the affected areas.  We continue our work to treat the space to remove all contaminents from surfaces and the air.  This is done with industry specific equipment and cleaning products that meet our strict criteria for efficacy and safety.   

FAQ #3 - Do I have to leave the premises during application?

Yes, that is recommended. With the exception of spraying during the framing process of a new building, we contain the area we are spraying and our professional applicators wear personal protective equipment. Re-occupancy to the treated areas is often available in as little as 2 hours (depending on drying time or relative humidity for that day).

FAQ #4 - Are the products you use safe?

Yes, except to mold. The products we use are ‘peroxide’ and water based and very safe. They are non-toxic, non-flammable and friendly to the environment. They are based on a natural way to fight mold. The trick is to remove the existing mold, and then to deny new mold spores the organic nutrients required to survive. The products have been approved for use in hospitals, schools and universities, commercial, public, and government buildings, homes, hotels, and many other types of structures.

FAQ #5 - Do you make a mess?

No, we make every effort to keep the work areas being treated clean during the application. We will leave your space equal to or better than the start of the project. There is far less waste products from our method and we always limit the demolition to the minimum possible while still generating the best possible end result.

FAQ #6 - Can I do the application myself?

No, only our trained applicators are authorized to do this work.  Special training ensures that the knowledge required to propertly prep the project spaces, to construct the critical engineering controls and to meet our safety requirements are all in place.  In this way, we can expect that the project goals will be attained and consistently excellent results will be produced. 

FAQ #7 - What is your warranty?

We provide a one-year materials and labor warranty for projects where we perform a complete scope of work.  Small repairs and partial projects receive a 90-day materials and labor warranty.

FAQ #8 - What is it that you do exactly?

Step one – we remove any materials that are non-salvagable and ‘clean’ other areas to remove any surface mold. Step two - we cut off the food source necessary for the growth of mold. We do this by placing a clear sealant or 'shield' over the surfaces treated. For the period of our warranty, we guarantee that any mold spores which enter your space (this happens each and every day when a door or window or other intrusion occurs) will land on the treated surfaces and be denied their food source. The process works as proven by our 20+ years of project success.

FAQ #9 - Do all buildings have mold?

Every building, whether residential or commercial has mold spores present. Mother Nature sees to that. Mold enters buildings in a number of ways – each time a door or window is used, on shoes, clothing and deliveries. We cannot stop Mother Nature and we do not claim to do so. But, we can now protect the inside environment of a building and limit the negative effects of mold! With this innovative process, there is no longer any reason to risk any financial burden or damage to one'shealth from unabated mold issues.

FAQ #10 - How many different molds are there?

Current scientific reports speak to hundreds of thousands of types of mold. There are good strains of mold as well as bad. You will find everywhere, it is used to produce beer and certain types of cheese. Some mold species are processed to become beneficial to humans and animals,

Penicillin is a perfect example. Penicillin is a popular and often used medicine derived from the mold Penicillium which, in its natural state, can be quite harmful to those humans who have allergic reactions to the spores .

FAQ #11 - I think I have a mold problem in my house. What should I do?

Call us so we can help you determine the true situation and the proper course of action. Many issues may not mold related and we will let you know. If there is a concern, we will advise you accordingly or refer you to an indoor air testing firm if necessary.  If the problem is known and  our services provide the solution, we will provide our estimate for correction – all at no charge. Please note: always take action to stop any current water intrusions and do not allow any walls to be opened or any other action that may spread or worsen an existing situation.

FAQ #12 - Do you make repairs?

Yes, GPS offers no charge inspections and will provide you with a free estimate including a complete scope of work should you need our services. Certain repairs may require a specialist like a roofer, HVAC contractor or a plumber to correct the water source issues.  GPS has excellent working relationships with many subcontractors who provide their professional services within our project requirements.

FAQ #13 - I am building a new home. When should I spray?

The best scenario, the one that provides the greatest protection, is to have us provide our service at the completion of the framing and again at the installation of the drywall. This is our standard practice and is included for our basic fee. With our preventative treatment your new home or building will be far less susceptible to microbial growth for many years.

FAQ #14 - Okay, what does it cost?

The best part - this is an extremely affordable process which delivers a great result. Most properties can be fully-serviced at a fraction of the normal and customary industry charges. GPS charges by the square foot for its treatment process and prides itself on the value it provides its clients. While we apply to every surface (the cubic volume of the property), easily 6 to 10 times more volume than the square foot measurement of any building space, we only charge by the square foot for simplicity. The price may vary due to the complexity of the project, height of walls, number of visits and a few other architectural variables.

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