Two schools in Monroe County in Pennsylvania have found mold in lockers. This marks the fifth and sixth schools around the nation THIS WEEK to come across mold damage. Mold is becoming an epidemic around schools all over the country.

One school in particular has to delay the beginning of school in order to fix their mold dilemma. We MUST raise awareness on this issue in order to keep our students and our future leaders safe and healthy. Nobody deserves to be put in unhealthy positions but especially not innocent children.

In order to fix this mold epidemic, schools need to start using mold prevention. Our mold prevention services are the most successful in the industry. Share this post and our information in order to save your local school from falling victim to this mold epidemic.

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Yoko Ono

Yoko Ono, singer and wife of the late John Lennon, has been hit with a lawsuit... for mold. Ono previously bought an $8.3 million mansion for her son and three years ago, she sold it to developer David Blumenfeld. According to the New York Post, Blumenfeld has already spent $15,000 on repairs for the home.

Blumenfeld is suing Ono because of the danger of mold as well as the expense to repair the mold damage. Regardless who wins and who loses, this will be an expensive endeavor for all parties. This is what happens when people build homes without some sort of mold prevention.

Mold has no prejudice. No matter how wealthy you are or how big your house is, if the conditions are right mold will take over. Do not let harmful mold harm your family or your home and learn regardless of how wealthy you are, mold can still find its way into your home.


Mold found in this family's home

At the end of June, a seven week-old baby was found dead inside his family's home in Milwaukee. Above is a picture of some of the pipes from the home. The family had a serious mold issue that they were told could be the killer of their child.

One investigator, Daniel Storm, classified the mold as penicillium aspergillus mold. Storm says of the mold, "Not the black mold, but it's a white fuzzy mold and it's a killer." Most people do not know of all the different species of mold or even the level of danger accompanied by the type of mold. In fact, the father said, "It's crazy that my son had to suffer through that and we didn't even know what it was". No family should have to go through what this family is currently going through and a general knowledge of mold could help prevent such a tragedy.

In most cases like this, the landlord takes little to zero responsibility for the conditions of the home. Legally this is appropriate because the laws surrounding mold are rather ambiguous. This case is no different. Mold is yet to be determined as the definite killer, but a lot of signs appear to be pointing in that direction.


Mold Contamination inside Lawton Police Department

As should be standard with every building, the Lawton Police Department, in Lawton, Oklahoma, tested their air quality this week. The results were unfortunate. The Natural Environmental Specialists determined that much of the building is contaminated with mold. According to the report mold damage was found in the analysis room, garage area, Crime Stoppers Office, women's locker room, Arms and a storage room. Several ceiling tiles had water damage in the hallway and various rooms in the basement.

Last night, August 3rd, the department held a press conference with the Natural Environmental Specialists to determine a plan of attack when it comes to fixing the mold problem. A plethora of employees asked how the mold would affect their health. The lack of mold knowledge is concerning considering mold is everywhere, but the mold experts explained that this problem is fixable.

The report claims that the mold came from heavy rain and sewage issues. Mold can live anywhere moisture is present and mold found a home in this police department. No price for remediation has been released but this mold problem has clearly been inconvenient for all employees at the department. This example should be learned from and mold prevention needs to become commonplace in order to keep everybody safe from mold contamination.


High School Attempting to Keep Items out of Mold's Reach

Mold can strike anywhere, but a common victim seems to be schools. Over the summer, more than five high schools have faced a serious mold problem and there are more to come as the school year approaches. All of these mold infested high schools have scrambled to take care of the mold before school gets going.

The picture above shows Willowridge High School in Houston attempting to bag what they can to prevent the mold from spreading. This method is only so effective since mold can seep through nearly any pour or opening. This Willowridge now faces big problems trying to eradicate their mold problem before school starts.

The community has been doing everything they can in order to help, but only so much can be done after mold strikes. The most effective method is preventing the mold before it makes itself a home.

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Concerns about mold in the galleries were first raised in 2014.


Wandrille Potez, an art history student, has complained publicly about the appearance of mold across the recently renovated Picasso Museum in Paris, which he spotted during a visit, Le Parisien reports.

Concerns over the mold were first raised mere months after the museum’s reopening in October 2014, yet the museum claimed that the mold was not a risk to people or works in the museum and no action was taken to address the concerns.

Recommended Reading Picasso Museum Reopens, Late and Over Budget By Henri Neuendorf, Oct 24, 2014.

However, this has led to many questioning why the museum’s renovation—which took fiver years and cost a whopping $66 million—did not take precautions to avoid mold, a common issue with Paris’s cold, damp winters.

The fungus problem is due to weak air circulation between the cold outdoors and heated interior galleries. In the museum’s first floor, 12 large period windows are now eaten by mold due to a particularly poorly designed double glazing.

“They are certainly period frames. But how can they allow it all to be degraded, two years after the end of the renovation?,” Potez told Le Parisien.

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With newfound knowledge, the work could soon be saved.


A drawing in red chalk believed to be Leonardo da Vinci‘s self-portrait from ca. 1512 is one of the most prominent holdings in Turin’s Biblioteca Reale (Royal Library). But besides its masterful execution, there’s another feature of the priceless Renaissance work that has left art conservators scratching their heads for years: The reddish-brown imperfections marring the work, known as “foxing.”

Until recently, researchers could not specify whether this foxing was caused by a chemical reaction or a biological one, and refrained from making any attempts to restore the priceless artwork, as working without a clear identification of the culprit could lead to even more damage, Discover magazine reports.

A new study suggests the spotting is caused by both: A combination of chemical and biological processes which allowed fungus to thrive on the paper. The groundbreaking research, led by Guadalupe Pinar at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, may hold the key to the drawing’s possible restoration.

The scientists’ findings, published in December 2015 and which can be read online, point to prominent fungal involvement in the deterioration. The fungal communities found in the portrait stem from a DNA probe and even include one previously uncharacterized species.

However, Pinar suggests that the substantial biological involvement was enabled by a chemical reaction on the paper to dust-borne iron particles. These particles created points of damage, which were then inhabited by fungal organisms, which ultimately created the spots over centuries.

According to Discover, the drawing nearly escaped irreparable damage when, in 1987, a group of researcher suggested to soak the da Vinci portrait in ethylene oxide. While modern technology can offer clearer answers using non-intrusive methods, the treatment plans are still a work in progress.

Nevertheless, now that the culprit may have been named, efforts will be put into place to save the da Vinci drawing from disappearing under a cloud of mold.

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